Silverback Ink

Silverback Ink

The Silverback ink is one of the best-selling black ink made in USA. This brand has been active for 10 years and it produces one of the best range of black ink, pre-mixed, perfect for every tattoo style and made following the EU rules. The Silverback Inks touch the skin softly and smoothly and they can be mixed up with other colours for darker tones.

BMDTATTOOSUPPLY propose the entire black range in order to satisfy the artistic requirements of the tattoo styles where dark colours are fundamentals. In our catalogue there is the Silverback Instablack, the most soft black of the range, Stupid Black, which is the most viscous and finally the XXX Black, the darkest black of the range created for basic lining and shading for the tattoo. Moreover, we propose also the Silverback Ink White, realised for brighter and long lasting white points and mixable with other tonality.

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