Semipermanent Makeup

Semipermanent Makeup

Semipermanent Makeup Supplies

In this category is available a wide choice of products for permanent makeup. This kind of makeup is similar to the tattoo, it does not fade in time and it can last until 2 years.

There are products Bella Instruments with the range Creamy, made for eyebrows and eyeliner and available in different colours, usable with machine or by manual. There are also pigments Nano, available in 24 different colours for every tone of the skin, or the exclusive line Vivid, made for a fresh and brilliant makeup of the lips.

Furthermore, we propose the best professional machines for permanent makeup such as Dragon machine make-up, the lighter and most accurate machine on the market. Or the Tech touch machine, a new-generation machine with a touch control panel, made in light aluminium to improve the easiness of usage and accuracy, with the needles and tip closed in a unique instrument made for realising a safe and precise makeup.

There are also accessories for the realization and the aftercare of the semi-permanent makeup as disposable needles, cups, synthetic skin for exercises and eyebrows kits.

All the products have been realised and formulated in laboratory under strict sanitary supervision and conform to all the EU rules. 

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Creamy for Microblanding

25,50 [+22% VAT]

Pigments for permanent makeup of eyebrow and eyeliner. 5mg tube. 

Specific for Microblanding



34,43 [+22% VAT]

Permanent Makeup pigments. 20 ml conf. 


Synthetic Skin

20,00 [+22% VAT]

Synthetic skin for exercise


Synthetic Skin with Embossed Contours

24,00 [+22% VAT]

Syntethic skin for exercise 


Tech Touch Machine

740,00 [+22% VAT]

Permanent Makeup Kit with Revolutionary Technology.


TPC Needle

1,32 [+22% VAT]



41,32 [+22% VAT]

Brilliant pigments for permanent make up of lips, 10 ml conf. 


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