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Since 2003, BMD TATTOO SUPPLY has the aim to supply high quality and innovative items to its customers that represent the forefront in terms of efficiency, precision and care for tattoo studios and piercers.

Our on-line catalogue is currently updated and it contains more than 1.500 products selected between the best brands of the sector and it is composed by Tattoo Needles, Piercing Needles, disposable and steel-made grips and tips, Inks, Tattoo Machines, advanced power suppliers and products for the care of tattoos and piercings. Among the marks in our catalogue, you can find Bishop, Brass Garage, Diablo, Eternal Ink, EZ, Intenze, Kwadron, MAO, Médical Body Art, Panthera Ink, Paolini, Poiseline, Spirit, Starbrite, Stealth, Sunskin and more. There are also many articles from the medical sector necessaries for the maximum hygiene and safety for every tattoo studios. In addition, there are even products from the artistic sector like inks, drawing products and much more of the most renowned names as Faber-Castell, Kuretake, Ecoline.  

We always focused on innovation and we introduced in the market our two exclusives marks Trace and Tomahawk. They are part of a development project of a range of specific products for tattoo studios realised under our supervision and following our client’s requests.

Every year we take part to the majors Tattoo Conventions in Italy in order to stay updated about everything is new around tattoos and to stay in close contact with the customers in a world that is constantly evolving such as the tattoo one.

For further information, check our contacts. 

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