Hygiene and Disinfection

Hygiene and Disinfection

Higienic products and disinfectants

Here you can buy product for cleaning of the best marks, chosen with the aim to give to the tattoo artist the best in terms of soaps, gel and spray for the skincare and the cleaning of the studio. In our catalogue, there are hygienic gel, hand soap, detergents of the Médical Body Arts range Easycleaning, skin soap Green Soap and Tattoo Beauty other than Farmec. In addition, it is available the innovative Green soap plus Panthera, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and specific for the skincare before and after the tattoo, made with aloe and witch hazel for a lenitive action, for making colours brighter and speed up the skin healing. 

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Aniosept Activ

26,00 [+22% VAT]

Dust for cleaning-disinfection and high-level disinfection / sterilization

1 kg


Biofarm Ferri

3,75 [+22% VAT]

Liquid solution for instruments disinfection. 1L bottle. 


Dermosept - 1000 ml

5,75 [+22% VAT]

Liquid antiseptic soap, 1000 ml. 


Easycleaning Disinfectant Wipes - 100 pcs.

6,97 [+22% VAT]

Disinfectant Wipes for surfaces, objects and hands. 100 pcs. 


Easycleaning Gel

5,00 [+22% VAT]

Alcohol Based gel for hands. 500ml 


Easycleaning Hands Gel

7,50 [+22% VAT]

Hands Gel for cleaning and disinfection. 1L. 


Easycleaning Surface Spray 750 ml

4,95 [+22% VAT]

Disinfectant spray for surfaces, 750 ml. 


EasyTattoo pro - White Soap

12,00 [+22% VAT]

Sanitizing soap 500 ml


Green Soap Plus Panthera 1000ml

15,00 [+22% VAT]

Green soap with aloe vera and witch hazel, 1000 ml. 


Green Soap Plus Panthera 500ml

8,90 [+22% VAT]

Green soap with aloe vera and witch hazel, 500 ml. 


Opaster Farmec 5L

32,00 [+22% VAT]

Disinfectant solution for medical and surgical devices. 5L 


Polynesian Green Soap 1000 m

14,95 [+22% VAT]

GGreen soap ideale durante e post tattoo.

1000 ml


Polynesian Green Soap 500 ml

8,90 [+22% VAT]

Green soap ideale durante e post tattoo.

500 ml


Polynesian Ink Cleaning Solution - 300ml

7,00 [+22% VAT]

Cleaning solution for skin protection - 300ml


Povi Iodine 100 - 1L

6,25 [+22% VAT]

Liquid solution for disinfect the skin. 1L


Purified Water New Fa Dem

2,50 [+22% VAT]

Purified water for reverse osmose



4,50 [+22% VAT]

Liquid disinfectant with benzalkonium chloride.1L bottle


Septaman Gel - 500ml

5,00 [+22% VAT]

Alcohol based gel, 500 ml.


Septozym CE- Ultrasounds Detergent

12,50 [+22% VAT]

Enzymatic cleaner for medical-surgical devices. 1L. 


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